Ahead of the official launch on Thursday, July 26, packaged galip nuts are now in stores and on shelves! Shoppers at the Stop n Shop, Harbourside were today treated with the opportunity to taste and purchase this fantastic new product.

Hand picked and hand processed in Papua New Guinea, the Galip Nut has been identified as, “of high quality with a unique taste and with the potential to become a world commodity. It is a tasty, highly nutritious nut, containing proteins, vitamins, healthy oils, and anti-oxidants. The nut is popular among outsiders, including expatriates, and the prospects for its commercial development are considered to be excellent.”

CPL Group will be the exclusive distributor of galip nuts and it will be made available in their 3 stores initially, namely: Stop N Shop Waigani Central, Stop N Shop Harbour City and Prouds Duty Free in Jacksons International Airport.